Fino- Food Kft.


  • ESL milk in box
  • Sour cream
  • sour cream with vegetable fat
  • Spreadable sandwich creams 
  • Vegan cheese 
  • Grill cheese
  • Trappist cheese


  • Raw milk 
  • Pasteurised milk in tank
  • Jobbing different kind of dairy products


Fino-Food Kft is a food plant processing more than 150,000 litres of milk per day in the heart of Somogy county. Our experienced and highly skilled employees do their best to produce the best and most valuable dairy products as possible.

Fino- Food Kft.

Our main products are: ESL milks with different fat content, fermented products: (plain- and fruit yoghurt, sour cream, kefir as well as our products made with palm fat are from sustainable sources), our very unique semi-fat, fine-grained cottage cheese, which is also perfect for cakes, various cheeses (trappists, smoked trappists, cheese with truffle, light cheese, grilled cheese) and processed cheese in tube, buttercreams in various sizes, cream cheese and sandwich spreads (also made with vegetable fat) in various flavours. We proudly announce that from 2021 we are able to produce products for our customers following a vegan diet. We currently have 5 of these products on the market: Vegaföl, a dairy substitute for sour cream, vegan cottage cheese as a substitute for cottage cheese, and vegan cheese substitutes for cheese lovers: Vegajó Trapi, Vegajó Mozzamio and Vegajó Greek.