Appaloosa Communication Group was founded in 1992 as a design studio. Two of the founding members were designers and industrial artists, while their third partner was a computer programmer. The primarily design company, which had only three people at the time, began to develop dynamically thanks to its successes. In addition to continuous expansion, the nature of the work has also become more and more complex.

In the mid-nineties, smaller campaigns and self-made exhibition stands expanded our portfolio. Starting in 1998, our company, operating on the advertising market with our independent ideas and creative execution, attracted the interest of multinational companies and several major foreign and domestic companies.

In 1999, we expanded our activities and by setting up a young staff, event organization was added to the repertoire. Finally, in order to fully serve its partners, the company became an advertising agency. In the spirit of this, we have been active for six years as the founders, inventors and organizers of Red Bull’s Air Race series, which has been organized worldwide since then. Starting in 2009, in addition to controlling production processes, we focused on more effective support for the organization of events and exhibitions as well as Road Shows. To this end, we handed over a workshop with machinery specialized for plastic, metal and woodwork.