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    Fő utca 28.
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The company started operating in 1998 as a family business. Since 2000, he has been developing the Katica Tanya Experience Center. The Experience Center includes more than 60 types of outdoor and indoor play opportunities, a petting zoo, about 250 pets and several unique attractions in our country.

The most popular of these are: Central Europe’s largest heated, dry indoor slide park with free-fall and family slides, the play empire located in the same place with separate play areas for toddlers, children and adults, one of the largest wall labyrinths in Europe – more than 500 m2, the longest in the Southern Transdanubia wire rope slide, adult and children’s pedal go-kart tracks, large jumping hills, as well as the 300m2 water playground, the giant outdoor slides, and the Telibe-Találda. Their continuously operating restaurant awaits hungry mouths. The Experience Center meets its energy needs 100% from renewable energy sources and only develops attractions that do not consume energy, or if they do, they produce it themselves from renewable sources.