The Innoskart Cluster was established in 2006 with the aim of encouraging small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the central Transdanubian IT sector to innovate, strengthen their cooperation and support their appearances on foreign markets.

In recent years, the cluster has outgrown its boundaries both in terms of its members’ activities and geographical location. Today, Innoskart has become a national cluster, mainly providing IT services (hardware and software) and listing food industry manufacturing and research members, but it has members with outstanding results in many other fields (pharmaceutical industry, machine manufacturing and trade, metalworking, paint production, consulting, etc. .). Innoskart’s organizations are represented on a colorful palette, from one-person companies to large corporations. In addition to businesses, research centers, universities, and municipalities are also present in the cluster.
Innoskart has been an Accredited Innovation Cluster since 2011.