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iFood Cluster

It was established in order to bring together regional and local food industrial companies and related organizations in the Southern Transdanubian Region of Hungary. The current territorial delimitation of the organization already goes beyond the local or regional level, however, the focus of the food industry has not changed.

The cluster was founded in 2011 by the Somogy Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Kaposvár University (now the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences) and prominent food industrial enterprises in the Southern Transdanubian Region.

The mission of the cluster: organisation of a professional community for the actors the hungarian food industry, which can contribute to the more effective work of its members in domestic and foreign market by strenghtening the cooperation with common knowledge and common interests.

The aim of the cluster: is generating and coordinating cooperation between businesses and organisations in the food industry, supporting the establishment of new products and services, improving competitiveness and increasing the ratio of business turnover between members, increasing the ratio of profits of for-profit members by complying with the economic challenges.

Key indicators (2021)


Number of members


Income of members (million €)


Year of foundation




Accredited cluster title

New brand design


Inter-cluster cooperation

Csatlakozás a TCI Hálózathoz


Our members said about us at the opening meeting in 2022


  • Organising professional community, generation of cooperation within the cluster
  • Organising professional presentations, events, workshops,
  • Sharing experiences, increasing the number of successfully adopted good practices,
  • Increasing the proportion of members participating in joint projects,
  • Establishing and using open and value-added communication for members,
  • Enhancing innovation performance, speeding up technology transfer, increasing the efficiency of existing collaborations,
  • Defining the development activities of key players at the national and international level, generating, preparing and implementing possible joint cooperation projects and actions,
  • Representation of the membership at professional events, exhibitions,
  • Development of services representing the interests and values ​​of the members,
  • Support for joint purchases.
  • Encouraging the increase of business traffic between members.
  • Participation in joint tenders for the purposes of the cluster
  • Organising community programs and participation in community events useful for members, which helps to build and deepen trust between members and develop collaborations
  • Lobby activity: organization of programs with the responsible managers, with the participation of decision-makers
  • Communication activity: contact with the press, creation and operation of a website and social media site


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