At the end of February, we held the opening ceremony of the year 2023 and the evaluation of the year 2022 at the Hotel Yacht Wellness & Business in Siofok. During the programme we summarized the events of the past year for our members, and invited experts (from SZTNH – National Office of Intellectual Property, Development Policy Department-Ministry of Agriculture, Deputy State Secretariat for the Implementation of Economic Development Programmes-Minister’s Office, MFOI Hungarian Development Promotion Office, Silver Tojás Kft., Halker Kft, Gál Körmendy) gave presentations on intellectual property rights, CAP Pillar II food industry subsidies, the actualities of national cluster strategy, direct EU funds available for food companies and the benefits of cluster membership.

The first evening of the annual opening closed with a tasting of products from cluster members.

Good thing we are a food cluster, so delicious snacks and drinks are never missing from our community-building events!

ifood cluster annual meeting year opening 2022 2023