On 18 April 2023, we established the Hungarian Cluster Association together with 5 Hungarian clusters.

Several years of preparatory work and community building were done in order to lay the foundations for a strong and recognised organisation.

On 18 April 2023, the Hungarian Cluster Alliance was established in order to unite, strengthen and represent Hungarian clusters towards domestic and international partners.

The founding clusters represent food and gastronomy, medical technology, packaging technology, construction and industry players supporting the digitalisation of Hungarian businesses.

The main objectives of the founders are to strengthen cooperation between clusters in Hungary, to raise the profile of the Hungarian cluster ecosystem at home and abroad, to showcase the benefits of cluster membership, to demonstrate the professional excellence of clusters and their members, and to help domestic SMEs to recognise the benefits of clusters in catching up with EU strategies and the most dynamic business trends.

The creation of the clusters has been preceded by several years of preparatory work and community building to build a strong and recognised organisation.

As part of this process, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed on 2 February 2022 between several Hungarian industry clusters to pool the knowledge and showcase the value of Hungarian clusters through operational actions that will promote the expansion of the relationships, innovation, and joint domestic and international opportunities of Hungarian clusters and their member companies, and overall result in a successful and effective collaborative partnership of interest.

This was followed by the Cluster Expo Start on 22 November 2022, the first jointly organised event for clusters launching cooperation. Scheduled to take place every 2 years, Cluster Expo events aim to showcase the business and technology value that clusters bring. The event, to be launched in 2022, will serve as an inventory of values for policy makers, ministries, chambers, operational bodies, government agencies and other relevant authorities.

The knowledge, competences and values of the founding clusters, which are highly experienced in cluster development, will now be brought together in a single entity to form a strong community and a common set of competences and knowledge.

The Hungarian Cluster Community provides a platform for its member clusters to participate in collaborative activities, to promote the work of clusters widely and to raise awareness among decision-makers, professional organisations and businesses in general.

The community welcomes applications from national clusters wishing to join! To register your interest, please send an e-mail to info@magyarklaszterek.hu

The Hungarian Cluster Association was established to unite, strengthen and represent Hungarian clusters