The iFood Cluster has relaunched its traditional member visit programme, which gives us the opportunity to get to know our members and their companies better. This programme has been on hiatus due to closures, but we are pleased to announce that it will continue again!

Our first stop this May was Szelence Industrial Solutions Ltd. in Szabadegyháza.

At the beginning of the programme we had the opportunity to learn more about Szelence Industrial Solutions and their activities. It was very exciting to see what kind of projects they are working on and how much effort they put into innovation and quality.

We then had the opportunity to tour the company and see how things work in practice. It was very interesting to get an insight into the work processes and the use of modern technology.

At the end of the visit we also had a few words about the current events and plans of the Cluster. We think it is important that members are kept up to date with what is happening in the life of the Cluster.

Thanks to the team of Szelence Industrial Solutions Ltd. for their hospitality and detailed presentation! This member visit was a great opportunity to strengthen contacts and to get inspired.

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