For the iFood Cluster, continuous learning is of paramount importance, as we know that development and improvement are the keys to true success. This is why it was extremely important for us to participate in the ClusterBoosterAcademy organised by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP).

This was a nearly 3-month programme of online and face-to-face training sessions, as well as individual online consultations. During the training, we paid particular attention to cluster strategy design, motivating cluster members, assessing competencies and developing collaborations.

Together with the cluster managers participating in the programme, we met first online and then in person in Strasbourg (at the University of Strasbourg) to get to know a large number of clusters in the European Union. We met thirty cluster managers who, although working in different sectors, do their work every day based on the same values and belief in the capabilities of cluster organisations.

The Innoskart Digital Cluster, the Omnipack Packaging Technology Cluster and the iFood Cluster have now represented Hungary in this programme, but there will be opportunities for other Hungarian clusters to participate in the future. We can only encourage everyone to participate in this exciting and inspiring programme!

Cluster Booster Academy