• Hygienic access control systems,
  • tools and equipment for foam cleaning,
  • color-coded cleaning tools and support systems,
  • metal-detectable tools for food production areas.


  • Consulting, needs assessment, development of tool packages.
  • Design and manufacture of colored shadow walls and tool storage systems.
  • Creation of hygienic access control zones, with survey and advice.
  • Hand washing-shoe cleaning-hand disinfection: planning the most optimal route.
  • We help you install and service the equipment!


Amsa Higiénia Kft. helps its partners to achieve food hygiene and food safety goals. We distribute all tools and equipment that may be necessary in a food factory for cleaning and maintaining hygiene standards.

Cleaning tools:
Color-coded cleaning tools that can be used in the HACCP system – this is the basis of modern food hygiene.
There are countless solutions and tools to choose from, but we will help you find your way! We don’t just want to sell products, we want to deliver the RIGHT TOOL to our customers. We have a lot of experience in helping companies choose the tools and support systems that match their cleaning tasks.

Retaining systems:
We can provide retaining walls and shade boards of our own production, with a unique design, matching the tools and cleaning procedures used in the plant. As part of this, we develop the support system together with our customer in accordance with the operational needs.

Washing equipment:
Thanks to the cooperation between AMSA HIGIÉNIA and ELPRESS, reliable washing equipment manufactured by the Dutch company has become available to our customers.
Box washer, compartment washer, pallet washer, container washer and much more!

Personal hygiene:
When planning access control systems, we help our customers with personal advice, which includes getting to know and survey the location.
Knowing the operating characteristics and available areas, we will make a proposal for the most suitable equipment and prepare a unique offer.