• 7400 Kaposvár
    Baross Gábor utca 19.
  • 82/312-177


From July 1, 2020, the “Kinizsi Pál” Technical College and Vocational Training School of Food Industry is the school of the Southern Agricultural Training Center. It is an esteemed institution of vocational training in the food industry in Southern Transdanubia. Since its more than half a century of existence, it has provided many excellent professionals to the sugar, baking, meat, dairy, mill and confectionary professions.

Within the food industry sector, you can choose the most sought-after food industry professions in the form of technical schools and vocational schools. The technician exam is considered an advanced-level graduation, which offers the opportunity to find a job on the labor market or to further study in the given specialization.
In our school, in addition to the food industry, environmental protection training also has a history of several decades. Students of the environmental protection technician training can take part in field tests in addition to theoretical lessons at school.

The school’s practice areas, workshops, laboratories, and specialized classrooms are also equipped with modern equipment and tools in the meat, confectionery, bakery, and environmental work areas, where the masters of the trade teach the students. The school is also well-equipped to conduct environmental protection field tests with portable measuring devices, instruments, and measuring equipment.

Due to the nature of the training, a great deal of emphasis is placed on professional education, so it is important to have properly equipped professional classrooms. All professional classrooms are equipped with a projector and an interactive whiteboard.