• 7561 Nagybajom
    Zrínyi u. 34.


It was founded in Nagybajom in 1990 under the name of Európa Bt. In August 2000, the company bought the Marcali plant of the then Pannon Pan Rt., which it currently operates under the name Balaton Kenyér Kft. From April 2001, they added a third plant in Csurgó, where they supply the local region with bakery products. In August 2003, they bought CERBONA RT. The baking plant in Nagyatád, which is currently their second largest production plant, has now reached the point where they employ nearly 200 people in the four plants of the three companies.

The four plants supply almost 650 units with bakery products every day. Among the units, they also deliver to the kitchens of public institutions (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, social homes), retail units operated by entrepreneurs, and stores of chain stores (COOP, Mecsek Füszért Rt., SPAR). For the preparation of the products, approx.: 300 m2 baking surface and 35 trucks for delivery, which are usually available twice a day, but on demand (also on Sundays and holidays) by the partners.

Európa Pék Kft., Balaton Kenyér Kft. and Atád kenyér Kft. are currently the largest producers and distributors of bakery products in Somogy and Zala counties.
Goals and strategy: meeting the ever-increasing market and quality demands to the satisfaction of our partners, creating jobs, producing Hungarian quality products with Hungarian labor and selling them on the Hungarian market. The plants operated by the Kft. have also had the HACCP certification required by law since January 1, 2002, and the IFS quality assurance system has also been in operation since November 2005. Since 1997, the company has also operated its own store in the immediate vicinity of the bakery.
Its goal is joint action, joint product development and presentation.