• 7400 Kaposvár
    Guba Sándor u. 40.
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Kaposvár University is one of the founding members of the cluster. From 2021, it will continue to operate as the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

With the establishment of the Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences on February 1, 2021, one of the largest agricultural-focused, multidisciplinary training places in Europe was created. Our goal is to help young graduates to secure a living and an inspiring career with world-class training in the management of Hungarian agriculture, which has a long history and excellent capabilities.

The Buda, Gödöllő, Gyöngyös, Kaposvár and Keszthely Campuses wish to join the international higher education circulation with even stronger threads with training courses that meet the technological challenges of the 21st century and with significant investments. It is our intention that our students acquire their complex knowledge in an institution that meets market needs, with which they can stand their ground anywhere in the world.

The integrated university, which operates with greater autonomy and a renewable financing system, holds countless advantages for researchers and students of all disciplines, while we continue to develop while maintaining our traditions, strengths and training locations.

By renewing the entire domestic agricultural education and strengthening international relations, our long-term goal is to place the Hungarian University of Agricultural and Life Sciences among the thirty best agricultural higher education universities in the world.