• grilled sausages, hot dogs


Since its opening in 2015, the world of Rub & Roll has revolved around quality gastronomy and special meats. The passion for authentic American barbecue, however, has much deeper roots, and this led directly to the development of its own products after Rub & Roll Barbecue and Rub & Roll in Gödöllő, i.e. the birth of Rub & Roll Butchery.

It is with pleasure and pride that we present the premium meat products of Rub & Roll, which we have perfected over the years after developing our own recipe. The new-wave grilled sausages, hot dogs, cold meats and prepared bbq dishes are made from domestic, forest-grown mangalica, USDA ‘choice’ certified American beef and a well-defined gastronomic twist, traditional Hungarian seasoning.


By combining American and Hungarian traditions, grilled sausages bring a groundbreaking novelty to the family table. The texture of the 94% meat sausages is different from the usual here: the homogenous mixture of mangalica or beef stuffed in collagen intestines and quality spices is complemented by the exciting interplay of American red cheddar cheese and mangalica bacon pieces. The result is a grilled sausage that can be easily grilled or fried, without “fat splashing”, has a crispy appearance, and brings a special taste to life, every bite of which promises a unique gastronomic experience.

The texture of the hot dogs differs slightly from the usual, but according to their composition they create a new, exclusive category. Original grass-fed mangalica and USDA beef make up 85% of the hot dogs, and in addition, there are Hungarian spices, pepper from Kalocsa, and depending on the variety, American red cheddar cheese and bacon or jalapeno pepper. In addition to the traditional one, you can find 3 spicy flavors, which reinterpret the colorful hot dog culture of America and adapt it to the Hungarian taste world. These juicy hot dogs are to be prepared within a few minutes in slowly bubbling water – they offer a perfect culinary experience together with mustard and fresh bread or even served in a hot dog bun with fried onions and sprinkled with cheese sauce.